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part A
2008-05-18 08:31 am UTC (link)
Gokudera writhed under the touches of the tentacles, gasping. He stared, somewhat dumbly, at the smashed box the thing had come from. Extinguishing the flame hadn’t done anything, either. He couldn’t figure out why.

But for whatever fucked up reason, the box had released an unbanishable tentacle monster. At least, it looked like one. Not that he’d seen them any other place than than godawful pornographic anime Longchamp had made them watch. The fucking beast ACTED like them, apparently, Gokudera realized, as he slashed at a long green appendage snaking up his leg. He was standing on his desk, no other choice. He had a stick of dynamite in his hand, but he couldn’t blow it up without messing up most of his work, and Gokudera would be damned to hell before he did that NOW.

Unfortunately, that meant he was stuck with physically beating the thing off with a broom handle, a technique which was proving less than effective. It became completely ineffective when the monster finally just wrapped a tentacle around the broom handle and ripped it from Gokudera’s grasp, throwing it across the room. He heard it clatter to the floor, but couldn’t do anything because the next moment the beast had wrapped one tentacle around his neck, the other sweeping his feet out from under him. He landed on the desk hard, the day’s work scatter across the floor. Gokudera cursed and kicked out, only to have his legs grabbed and held down.

“Fuck, NO!” Gokudera spat, clawing, and the creature gave a great heave that might have been a sigh before three more tentacles shot out, each grabbing a limb and holding him, helpless. Another one slid out, wrapping around his neck almost gently. It slipped forward, more tentacles underneath his clothes, and Gokudera gasped. He’d thought it was a hentai monster as a JOKE. His brain hadn’t been serious. What the hell! He thrashed again, and the beast tightened its grip around his throat. One small appendage seemed to be trying to work his belt open, and two more had already made short work of his boots and were moving from the bottom up. He struggled, despite the grip on his throat getting tighter. This was not going to happen. He was not going to get raped by a goddamn box animal. This was…

There was a ripping sound, and Gokudera looked down to see his pants being ripped away, he wasn’t sure how. He opened his mouth to swear, and suddenly a tentacle was there, working its way inside of him, large enough that it hurt his jaw. He screamed around it, tried to bite, and another one whipped him hard across the face, even as he was spun around, made to lean over his desk, ass in the air. Gokudera growled and clawed, trying to get away despite the dozen rope-like appendages holding him down, trying to swallow around the tentacle forced between his teeth.

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part B (of,....2)
2008-05-18 08:33 am UTC (link)
The creature slowed then, becoming almost gentle as a finger-thin tentacle worked its way between Gokudera’s buttocks, searching out and pushing into him. He screamed again, trying to get away, despite the gentleness, and it instantly ended as he was shoved over the desk again, the tentacle working in and out of him, some sort of natural lubricant at least making its passage slick as it thrust into him again and again, alongside it, a tiny, vine-like tentacle pushed in, searching, and found Gokudera’s prostrate, milking it almost lovingly. Gokudera growled, angry at his own treacherous body as his penis began to harden, and it hurt, the way it was shoved against the desk. Another tentacle wormed its way inside of his ass, this one thicker than the first, and the three of them worked together in unison, milking and thrusting and Gokudera moaned, helpless now, lost. The monster let go of one of his hands, and Gokudera did nothing with it except drop it to his hard dick, pulling himself off with ragged strokes. A forth tentacle wormed its way inside of him and he winced, but didn’t give up because that stupid little fucker on his prostrate was making it all so fucking good and Gokudera cried out, muffled by the tentacle in his mouth, which was doing some thrusting of its own now, and shuddered, seeing stars in front of his eyes. Then all the tentacles but the smallest were retracted from his ass, and something huge and blunt pressed against his entrance. Gokudera couldn’t see it, didn’t want to see it, but dear god did he feel it when it shoved inside of him. His head came back, and it hurt. It hurt and it felt amazing and the thing must have been half as big as his arm and…shit, he was coming. A gooddam tentacle monster raping him was making him come, and the huge tentacle shoved into him a few more times before it pulsed with some liquid, which left tracks down his thighs as it withdrew. The tiny one stayed for a bit longer, then slid out as well, leaving Gokudera completely empty.

Exhausted and drained, Gokudera slumped against the desk. The flame finally went out, and the monster faded into nothingness.

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2008-05-18 10:46 pm UTC (link)
Other anon's fic's awesomeness inspired me to write this, and then I couldn't stop. So have some fail; it's free. T.T

The tentacles wrapped around his waist, arms, and legs were making it impossible to move; he was unable to get away as the first thin tentacle worked its way into his ass. He tried to buck his hips forward and move away from the intrusion, but he was held firmly in place.

Three tentacles slid through his legs, trailing their strange lubricant along the inside of his thighs before moving up to toy with his balls; one of the multiple tentacles around his waist moved down, wrapping around his dick. Gokudera froze as it started to move, twisting and slick, its juice gathering around him and it felt as good as it did horribly wrong.

A moan forced its way out of his throat, and the tentacle painting his lips took the opportunity to slide into his mouth, curling up inside and forcing his mouth too wide to bite down on it.

He managed a choked whimper as the tentacle inside him finally found his prostate, pushing up against it as the tentacle around his cock squeezed tighter. Shame flooded through him at the disappointment he felt the intrusion leave, put it was forgotten as he felt something much larger nudge at his entrance.

His body tensed at the pain of the larger tentacle pushing in; it was as slippery as the others, but he could feel strange bumps covering it, clearly defined as something so large pressed slowly into his tight opening. And then it was wriggling as it forced its way in farther and Gokudera screamed, the sound coming out as a vague high-pitched noise as it was muffled by the tentacle in his mouth. By the time it wriggled his way to his prostate, Gokudera was panting, completely filled and painfully hard now from the creature's attentions.

And then suddenly the tentacle inside him was vibrating, and Gokudera arched even with the tentacles wrapped around him, coming hard. His body shook with release, relief sweeping through him as this finally ended. But, he realized, rather belatedly, only the tentacles around his cock had moved, the rest were still there.

The large tentacle in his ass continued to vibrate, and he could feel himself getting hard again as the vibrations pushed it even farther into him. His eyes widened as he felt smaller tentacles beginning to wriggle their way into his already stretched opening, moving around the large one that had rooted itself firmly in Gokudera as it continuously stimulated his prostate.

Tentacle after tentacle worked its way in, pressing themselves between the large tentacle and the edge of his opening before wriggling their way up his passage. He could feel them moving in one large pulsating mass, stretching him wider and wider until he was sure he would break. His cock was dripping precome now, and he could feel imminent release coiling tight in his stomach for the second time. So when he felt the tentacles still around his waist move him up off the wriggling mass inside him and then slam him back down again, he came so hard his eyes rolled back in his head and he lost consciousness, not noticing as the creature prepared for another round.

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2008-05-21 08:35 pm UTC (link)


He wakes, suddenly, abruptly, panting in the dark. There is something curling about his waist.

The dynamite is lit in seconds, but by then, it's too late. Tentacles pour from nowhere, swamping him in slick, rubbery coils. His shout comes out mmmnnn, muffled by flesh.

The tendrils pull at him, tossing him within their midst. Gokudera struggles wildly, scrabbling for the lighter in his pocket, but they grasp at his wrists and force them apart. His fingers flex helplessly.

A tentacle slides up through his shirt sleeve, rubbing past his armpit and curling about his nipple; another flicks at his navel, squirming against it. Gokudera shivers, gasping around the thickness in his mouth.

His pants are pulled roughly down and tendrils slip between his legs. They twist around his cock, slippery and firm, coiling, coiling. A slender curl wraps around his balls, lifting them up and tightening around them; others press against the head of his cock, tugging at the foreskin and dipping into the slit. The sound they make is wet and obscene.

Beneath them, Gokudera writhes, jerking his hips into the wriggling mass that tortures him. The tentacle in his mouth pulses and twists, sliding delicately across the sensitive palate. He moans into it, unable to control himself.

A tentacle, sliding down the length of his spine, nudges between his buttocks. It wriggles between them and presses against his asshole. Hot and slick, it rubs the puckered opening, just barely pushing through. It glides in slow, agonizing circles, rubbing against hypersensitive nerves.

Gokudera whimpers, hips thrusting erratically. The tentacle that strokes his asshole throbs in time with the tentacles that pull at his nipples. They undulate in unison, writhing in a delicate counterpoint against the ones that surround his cock.

His thighs tighten, and he squeezes his eyes shut, waiting for the orgasm that will release him from the pain of such prolonged arousal. His hips thrust again and again, seeking for relief, but there is none. The tentacles that clench around his balls deny him release.

The tendril at his asshole slides in unbearably slowly, twisting against taut and throbbing muscle. Another joins it, and they twine together, slippery, stroking the inside of his ass. They thrust leisurely, even as Gokudera grinds wantonly against them. Please, he begs silently, let me come.

Their first press against his prostate makes him scream, a stifled cry against the tentacle in his mouth. He shudders violently, thrashing against his bonds.

He's flipped over, then, in a disconcerting turn of gravity. His knees are pulled under him and his asshole gapes open. His cock, still covered with writhing tendrils, presses against his stomach, slick and hot. Tentacles slither into him, sliding across skin. His eyes flare open as they push in, thick and twisting.

The tentacle slips from his mouth as it drags his torso down. His mouth hangs open, slack and dripping. Moans force their way from the back of his throat, breathy and shameless.

"Ahhh, f-fuck, mnah, unhh –"

The coils around his cock writhe faster, faster, wriggling and pressing, while the tentacles that thrust into him tangle together and fuck him mercilessly. He shudders with every collective thrust, moaning, panting, gasping, whimpering, screaming, screaming –

The tendril that binds his balls loosens itself, and in a last, shivering, heady, gasping thrust, Gokudera comes, spurting deep into the mass of tentacles that pulse around him.